Mighty Audio - A Runners Review

Mighty is an iPod Shuffle style audio player which has the very overdue application of playing music from Spotify in a handy little device. You need to have a Spotify premium account as it works by downloading playlists from your Spotify account onto the player - meaning you can take those songs anywhere and play them without an internet connection.

The obvious benefit of this for a runner is that this potentially free's you from having to run around with your smartphone to be able to stream music. The Mighty is a solid well made product which has had the benefit of a successful Kickstarter campaign and it satisfies an obvious consumer demand with the rise of music streaming services.

The Mighty successfully allows the user to take Spotify with them on a run or to the gym, however it does have a few drawbacks in comparison to still using a smart phone. Firstly, battery life is limited to 5 hours and the software to load the songs onto the device isn't that slick - for example it takes a while for the songs to actually load, but we did eventually get them added on. Also, an obvious one, there is no built in GPS so for anyone without a standalone GPS tracker may still need their phone to track runs. And finally there is no current way to Shuffle all of the songs on the Mighty, which given it is badged as enhancement to the iPod Shuffle is a problem - however Mighty say this may be resolved with future software updates.

In summary this is a very useful and unique product which will make running a lot easier for many people who wish to leave their phone at home - just be aware of some of the shortcomings.

The Mighty is available here

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