Our Story

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We produce high quality design sports products which combine modern and fresh design with essential product functionality without compromising on either.

The Runcase brand started in 2012 when we started to manufacture and sell running armbands for MP3 players. Although at the time smart phones were becoming increasingly popular to run with due to new fitness tracking apps and entire music libraries being contained in them, we focused our offering on the MP3 player market which provided runners with a simple, cheap and effective way of keeping motivated with music while running. Since 2012 we have been adding additional mp3 model compatibility to service a wide range of popular MP3 players

We are now in the next phase of development for the brand and are aiming to enhance the hydration belt market. For long distance runners the need for water while out on long runs is clear, however products which offer this now provide great functionality but the price of this is needing to accept you have 2 water bottles bouncing around your waist

Form - We have developed a design to intergrating the positioning of the bottles with the natural design of the belt so the water is discretely part of your run.

Function - Although showing off amazing design the belt features a memory foam backing so that it mould to the shape of the runners back reducing slippage to a minimum and maximising comfort.

Smaller but just as important features include a waterproof pouch big enough to hold a phone, money and credit cards, a carabiner clip to keep keys secure inside the pouch. Also includes a headphone port access to the pouch together with 2x 300ml water bottles which are BPA free and safe for top shelf dishwasher.


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